Suite ti

Suite\: A group of things forming a unit or constituting a collection or set.

ti \ (pronounced “tea” or “tee”):

The seventh tone of the diatonic scale in solmization (A system of using syllables to denote the tones of a musical scale.)

Suite ti\ (pronounced “sweet tea”) is a 5 to 6 piece ensemble created and formed by Ron Ivory, lead vocalist and keyboardist as a spring board off The MilesApart Band, the rhythm section for One on One in the fall of 2007. Suite ti mixes Contemporary Jazz, Soulful R&B, Standards and more along with their own original compositions in dynamic fashion at every performance. Suite ti consist of outstanding musicianship from 2nd Keyboardist Chuck Reeder, David Summers Jr on Bass, Henry Hudson III on Sax, Stan Clements on Drums, Ben Mitchell on Guitars and Ron Ivory fronting with his soulful vocal renditions and stirring moves.

“How Sweet It Is!”

(Contemporary Jazz, Soul, R&B, Pop Standards) (4-6 pieces) Usually with Ron Ivory on Vocals/Keyboards,
Drums, Bass, Sax, Guitar or 2nd Keyboardist